To Cut or Not to Cut Your Natural Ends?

There has been great debate on whether or not women with natural hair should cut their ends. Some say cutting dead ends of a natural is not good because it stunts hair growth. Where others have said the exact opposite that not cutting your ends will not allow your hair to grow.

The last time I straighten my hair before getting it braided I debated on cutting my ends. When I straighten my hair my ends tend to look split, but when my hair is wet those exact ends are just curly.

So what’s a girl to do??

Next week I plan on getting my hair redone which means I’ll be straightening my hair and I think I want to cut my ends. How many of you cut your ends? Do you recommend it?


4 thoughts on “To Cut or Not to Cut Your Natural Ends?

  1. I think there are two different things here. One, do naturals need a blunt perimeter/even cut/ends? If you wear your hair in a curly state all of the time, no. I don’t trim/cut my hair to keep my ends even. But, do you need to trim damaged ends of knots and splits, which most experience? Yes, because if you don’t, they will inevitably cause collateral damage (i.e. more splits and knots because they snag on adjacent hair and cause damage to the cuticle). I employ the search and destroy method and cut out individual knots and splits on wash day. But, I don’t keep an even perimeter. Another thing is that most people’s hair grows at different rates. So, absent any splits, knots, cuts, totally healthy, split and knot free hair will not grow out even in a blunt cut shape. What I am do is to keep the longest pieces not too much longer than the shorter crown as my nape and sides always tends to outpace my crown, which is also more prone to breakage. I also wear my hair in updos 5-6 days out of the week and twist and curls, which disguise the irregular curl pattern and length differences, when I wear it down.

    Finally, in regard to trimming hair stunting or encouraging growth, it does neither. Your hair grows from the roots and is dead the minute it sprouts from your scalp. Trimming your ends to keep them neat and to eliminate weathered, thinned, splitted and knotted ends makes the hair appear better, and helps prevent new splits, but it doesn’t encourage growth. What it does do is help prevent breakage, which impacts length retention and can make it seem like hair is not growing. However, if you constantly trim your hair and hair grows at 1/2 an inch on average, you may trim off all the growth, which would make it seem as if hair isn’t growing. So, I think this is from whence the misconceptions arise that trimming or not trimming affect growth. They don’t, but trimming or not trimming impacts length retention depending on how it is used.

    Sorry for the book!! Just wanted to provide some additional information that would help you make a decision. Thanks!


    • Hi Shelli Thank you so much for this information! There are two things you pointed out that will help make my decision … the fact that the end of the hair tends to split and become knotted and i think that’s what I’m dealing with. I also agree with your comment about growth I didn’t think it would stunt growth but I always heard myths that it would. I think I’m going to do a little trim to my hair. Thank you for all the information much appreciated!!

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