Did that just happen? – a day in the life of door-to-door sales

Yesterday, I did some door-to-door sales. It was such a joke!

I went to this charity to enquire about whether I could get some contact names in the hops of sharing an office with them.

I waited over 30 minutes to get attention and no one even bothered to greet me at the reception when I came into the charity – and it was such a shame because my goodness, the offices of the charity were absolutely gorgeous!

Yet the total apathy for the charity in the office was absolutely pathetic – how can you have a charity reception that is unmanned with no one in the entire office except for one manager? One manager came and then just disappeared and never came back. I waited for 30 minutes then got frustrated, left my business card with the guard and left!

It was so depressing to leave because the office was perfect for me and this charity does not even respect it!

How can we build businesses when people in their own organisations have no respect for customer service?


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