J Cole vs Diggy Saga: Why self-made people are more credible than silver spoon ballers

One of the most interesting stories to come out of the hip hop world was the J Cole vs Diggy beef. Diggy is Rev Run’s son and J Cole needs no introduction, he’s one of the hottest young rappers on the scene at the moment.

The general gist of the beef is that J Cole made a supposed reference to Diggy’s sister Vanessa on a song ages ago, and Diggy came after him in a song which was leaked recently.

I remember reading lots of comments on blogs such as Necole Bitchie about this, and one thing struck me – there is a lot that this story can tell us actually about business and the concept of being self-made as opposed to having connections create a career for you. Diggy has ventured into the rap world so far, and it’s been a mixed reception. Some see him as this Drake wannabe, others are not sure if they are trying to make him an urban Justin Bieber.

I found the whole situation quite comical – Vanessa is 27, if she is indeed the woman J Cole was talking about, so be it! They are 27 year old men and women, a 16 year old kid getting involved looks slightly laughable if only to get more record sales. Which brings me to my key argument of this post:

Self-made people always look more credible than people who have had it handed to them

I created my marketing business myself. No one from my family has helped me get one client or anything. J Cole has created a blossoming rap career from nothing, and now he is on songs with King Beyonce and going on tours with Rihanna. Diggy looked like a fool coming after J Cole from a business viewpoint, because while he was defending his sister, it was almost like an inherited scion coming after a soon to be hip hop baron who has creatde their own career without their uncle or brother co-signing them.

Do you think Diggy should have a seat? Does he ”know” that J Cole can’t come after him because of who his family is?


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