Top 4 things I’ve noticed about behaviour in Tanzanian banks

1. There are no queues: I was the bank recently and one girl came up to me in the queue and note I don’t know this bird from Adam & Eve and she literally was like ”save me a spot”. No bish, you can queue like everyone else in the bloody queue.

2. When people queue jump, they make it look easy breezy beautiful CoverFool: I will never forget being at the NBC bank branch at Mlimani City and seeing this guy queue jumping and all of us behind him let him know to get the F back and have a seat. I always find it crazy when people think their bank issue matters more than people who have been queuing legitimately.

3. Some cashiers power-trip: Now cashiers in Tanzanian banks do not get a great salary in Western terms but for Tanzania, the money is alright considering that they are sitting on their arses and counting cash (no shade to anyone who does, talking about the ones in my bank only). And yes cashiers at NBC bank in Mlimani City, I am calling you guys out for being rude and wack when someone fills out a cash deposit form and makes one tiny mistake such as a crossing out and making them fill out a brand new form….*crickets*. Power tripping at its finest.

4. Raggedy Anne types should not be underestimated: The people who rock up to the bank looking Raggedy Anne are the ones depositing tonnes of cash. I remember one day queuing to deposit some money and seeing this man who if he had been outside the bank, people here would have probably said he looked messy and stained. The guy was depositing serious sums of money. Just goes to show, never judge a book by its cover. I certaintly don’t because I’ve been judged in banks as well judging by how I look.

Moral of these 4 things: Appearances are always deceiving and have some damn courtesy in the bank! When I went to the bank recently, I looked a damn mess – my dress was a little dustry and my feet definitely needed cream and the looks people can give you is ridiculous.


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