Work, Life & Hair Update

I’ve been ghost for a while now thanks to the joys of having a job and somewhat of a social life. It’s been about 4 ½ months since I’ve been in Atlanta and I have to say I’m enjoying my new fresh start. I’m single, independent, and working and that’s all that matters at the moment. As far as my new job that I’m grateful to have, I don’t entirely love it but I love aspects of it. I know I don’t have to be at this job forever but since I am here I will do my best and take what I can from it to move forward in my career.

As far as life in Atlanta I’ve been meeting a lot of new people through work and working out at the gym. There’s so much to do here and get into that using the term boredom would be an excuse. This week I plan to attend the Shecky’s event which will host different unique designers and beauty vendors. I also decided it was time to change-up my hairstyle. For the last month I’ve been wearing my hair actually straight in a simple bun and laid to rest the yarn twist. Just last week I opted for a protective style and I am now wearing my hair in braids which I love.

So that’s a little update on life right now.


3 thoughts on “Work, Life & Hair Update

  1. Thanks, cant wait to see them pics.May be it is the texure of the hair. Let me try also and see the difference.

  2. Love the braids.Im still wondering how protective it is as i have noticed that pick and drop tends to cut hair especialy after unbraiding but yours look a bit different.Can you make some closer shots please i’d love to try what you have.

    • Hi J. Thanks for commenting! To answer your questions about how is this a protective style, I think it depends on your hair and what type of hair you use. For instance back in that day I used 100 human hair to braid and I notice that cut my hair. But now I use synthetic hair and my hair is also done in a technique called “tree braids” I’ve worn this style before and it has not cut my hair. My hair actually grows a lot when it’s in this style because there’s little manipulation. I’ll be posting more pictures soon so you can get a closer look.

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