Business Notes: Adventures of starting a marketing agency

Nuts & Bolts

Today is a deadline day and my marketing consultant should be filing some work that one of our clients is waiting to receive. At the moment, the set-up is almost agency like in that I source the work and do all of the business development and my marketing consultant executes the bulk of the work, and I also do some work for some clients.

Naturally, I want more.

At the moment, my consultant and I work as a team on any work that I get for the both of us, but I want to create a total agency environment. This is going to be difficult considering that I do have to sort out my overdraft but I am so passionate about starting my marketing agency.

Once the website has launched, I will be able to reveal more details about the inside of my agency dreams, but at least for now I’ve registered the domain name and this agency will deal with financial marketing. One of my biggest passions is also fashion and ideally I would love to incorporate it into another mini boutique agency one day but we will see.

At the moment, I have one financial client, the cash loan lender, and I hope to build on my work with them to deliver more work for other financial clients. The adventures of starting my marketing agency have begun!


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