Business Notes: The types of marketing clients that I have right now

A snapshot into my business

Here are some of the markets I work with:

  • Car company (one of my first clients & a repeat customer for now)
  • Retailer (another important repeat customer)
  • A cash loan company (repeat customer)
  • Cash loan broker

2 of those clients were found through cold campaigns and 1 was found through a referral.

On the whole, I have been prospecting with cold enquiries through email virtually every day (Mon-Fri) to source new business. I would really like to build on this small snapshot, as there are other commissions I have done, however I know it is about creating a steady stream of repeat business to ensure financial liquidity.

What Sunday yielded

Yesterday was Sunday and I came to the office to bash out a few cold email enquiries to companies as I am obviously trying to make as much money as I can to honour my financial goals & dreams.

I sent 20 personalised cold email enquiries to companies I have never spoken to as I hope to increase my business this month.

Whether you have your own business or you have a hobby you are working on the side, how do you build a pipeline for yourself?


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