Young, Black & Paying Things Back

In previous blog post about paying my o/d back, I mentioned that I had £1,710 left to go. I brought myself back to the office today, even though it is Sunday, to crank out some copywriting work & do some much-needed cold campaign work to drum up new business, as I went to the beach yesterday.

How much I paid back

I also put away £22.77 in my o/d account today, which means there is £1,687.23 to clear.

For me, I have gotten to the point where I want to take control of all spheres of my life: I want to be that young woman who is finding new business every week, working hard to deliver for clients, enjoying my life, and building a career without worrying about money.

I’m hungry to be successful.

Are you young, black and paying things back?


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