Love can make you broke

If I only knew what I know now, perhaps I would be a few hundred pounds richer.

I have heard many stories about how money is the number one reason why people break up, and I am not surprised. The type of stress that money brings into life is not a joke. The stupidest financial mistake I made for love was getting this overdraft because I wanted to see my old flame as we were long distance.

We did not last – but the overdraft did!

I wish I never did it, but I did and now I am trying to eradicate it. It’s interest free until July 2012 so I have some time to clear it.

My current financial situation is that I have around £1,710 of the overdraft to clear, but I have around £700+ in savings in my other account.

Moral of the story: Don’t make stupid financial decisions for sex – it is never worth it!


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