Why I have fallen out of love with new age ”natural hair” cosmetic companies

In this previous post, I talked about how Steve Stoute has essentially sold Carol’s Daughter down the River Styx of natural hair by no longer targeting exclusively to black women. Carol’s Daughter have shown as with other businesses, that black money is only good enough for the beginnings when a business needs cash but once it grows, they don’t give a fuck. Wake up folks, black money is only relevant when they need us in the beginning but it fades to black once success hits!

The beginning of the end: the Mixed Chicks saga

Then, and yes I am definitely a year late, but the whole Mixed Chicks ”team light skin” debacle on Twitter. As a marketing specialist, that has to be one of the biggest business fails I have ever heard of in my life – but you won’t be hearing about it in Forbes or Fortune magazine because I am sure chocolate and caramel sisters alike will surely desert Mixed Chicks for that straight up bullshit, so no need for Forbes or Fortune to recognise this company as a company which embraces black, latino and asian women. Team light skin – what bullshit when the company claims to be for people who have naturally curly hair.

These two companies show a change in the kinds of natural hair companies that are being put forward in the worldwide market – chocolate women are not on the agenda, and at that black women (light skinned or not) are not important or seen as relevance – chasing the multicultural tip is more important for these companies.

My financial promise

I am saying this now – I am not buying any hair products from any company that does not represent black women (light + dark) in equal measure. Let’s stop this bullshit today!

Both companies are missing out on their potential biggest company: Africa and her black diamonds, her people who are rising in wealth and need to spend money on their curls.


4 thoughts on “Why I have fallen out of love with new age ”natural hair” cosmetic companies

  1. I agree with you Aulelia. I’m not going to support/ buy something i don’t agree with. For me that just allows the company to think they can do whatever. Also their are plenty of other products out there in the market I’m sure.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, the “team light skin” tweet was stupid, but I’m not going to stop using a product every time an owner/creator says or does something I don’t agree with. I know many people (black, mixed, etc) who continue to use the product because it isn’t easy finding a product that works well on your hair. I used Mixed Chicks for years & as far as I know they never targeted exclusively to black women.

    • Hi red, many thanks for your comments & welcome to the blog. My issue is not that other women are supporting mixedchicks – people will always vote with their wallets and the backlash was clear that they lost a significant chunk of their markets because of an ill-advised, poorly executed and needless comment that highlight how their company and brand thinks. They do target black women and have done so by being in Black Enterprise so for them to write that tweet showed me that they are not serious about their business at all, and I will not be giving my hard-earned money to a company that does not respect me or my culture. There are other alternatives out there, it’s just a question of looking beyond what is being advertised. I am not telling people who and what to buy but I am asking black female consumers to support companies that have their best interest at heart, not companies like mixed chicks who clearly are totally colour struck and stuck in the old days of light and dark.

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