The concept of ”tanning”: Is Steve Stoute selling out black people for money?

I’ve been undercover for a few days, as I took a few days off for a mini-break in Zanzibar. While doing some business reading, I came across this article by Forbes about ”tanning’, a concept that Steve Stoute, an American advertising executive, came up with for his book.

Stoute tells Forbes that ‘tanning’ is:

Stoute defines tanning as “a mentality that no longer determines your ethnicity, no longer determines what drives you spiritually or culturally, [that] comes from the shared values of other people.”

He sees the current generation of 18-24 year-olds as more or less color-blind, and any efforts by marketers to target specific ethnicities as generally useless and shortsighted.

Wow, I did not know targeting a specific ethnicity was useless and shortsighted? WTF is going at the moment with some black business executives talking bollocks like this? First the Carol’s Daughter mess of polyethnicity and now this? I realise Stoute is also included with Carol’s Daughter which explains this mess.

Time to ask some tough questions – and I hope some of you will enlighten me because I am totally confused.

Why are some African-American business heads selling themselves out? This does not show a good example to other black business executives across the world, such as myself. I live in Tanzania, when I read articles such as this, I am starting to think that the African-American business fabric is disintegrated.

What the hell is going on??



6 thoughts on “The concept of ”tanning”: Is Steve Stoute selling out black people for money?

  1. Steve Stoute is “special”. I understand that not every little thing has to do with race, and I understand that we all need to embrace diversity. However & whatever BUT… He’s out of his cotton-picking mind.

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  3. I remember the whole polyethnic marketing campaign being discussed on Black Girl With Long Hair. One o f the posters there said that Stoute is they type of man who puts mixed/biracial women on a pedestal. Basically that he is color struck.

    Perhaps he has some issues that are coming into play here.

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