Women Need to Negotiate More

I came across this great article called “Why Women Don’t Negotiate” on Forbes and let me say I can totally relate.  When it comes to negotiating as far as money, I find it rather hard to do. I recently started working for a company and when it came to negotiating my salary I felt really stuck. I felt as if I couldn’t ask for more because I was scared I wasn’t going to get the job.

Right now I can kick myself for not stepping out and asking for more. I believe other aspects played a role in why I didn’t ask for more, one being I was negotiating with a man. I honestly think if it had been a woman I was negotiating with, I would have spoken up. The Forbes article states three points I agree with …

“… Women suffer economically because we fail to ask, but we’re punished for our nerve when we do ask. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t, right?”

“Not only has our culture instilled in women a disinclination to be self-serving, when we do work up the nerve to ask, we’re likely to experience “gender blow-back”—a subtle but powerful punishment for stepping outside our cultural gender role.”

“What we need to do is learn to powerfully ask for our true market value. We can do that by starting the conversation with offers of benefits rather than requests.”

I know next time around I will be speaking up. Do you negotiate?


4 thoughts on “Women Need to Negotiate More

  1. What happens when you have your own company and you have to put away this wimpish feeling that you don’t have the right to negotiate or that it is not ‘polite’ to think like Oliver Twist to ask for more! I agree with what the poster above states, it’s a question of practice, having passion in the product you are selling and perhaps a bit of background in business studies. I find I have to ‘rehearse’ before I go to see someone, it also helps if I’ve done some research on the organisation that I am visiting. I’m still trying and I’m still learning!

  2. Dear Memphiz,
    I want to share my experience perhaps some few points that have always worked for me.I must say that as a woman this is a skill that you have to nurture and eventually with practice it becomes a talent.
    For successful negotionation you will always need facts to present on the table.Ask your self several questions:
    1. how competitive you are?
    2. what can you offer that will bring productivity to the company in terms of skills, creativity “always mention a few examples of what worked from your previous jobs-most shinning points”?
    3. what other companies would pay you for the same positition,do a research and then mention a few most compartible one’s.
    4. speak with confidence and be transparent on the exact amount of your expectation.Don’t dispare to aim high as they will always come to the level of your exact expectation.
    5. remember that the language that you use will create your reality!
    If you come with a complete homework the results are always an A+!

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