I need to save up for a full-time assistant

It’s Saturday evening, and I am in the office doing a mish-mash of thinking, writing down my personal expenses and listening to the Dream.

Once I sort my pressing financial committments such as sorting my overdraft and moving out, I am going to look for a full-time assistant. I have been at the office a lot this week and now it’s Saturday night and I am still here. Not that I am sending myself flowers – I know there are people who work 7 days a week and do not stop. I found it hard to motivate myself today even though I have some copywriting to do.

Keeping myself mentally secure and focused is absolutely critical because when I am mentally sound, I prospect better and I tend to find better leads. I think I need an assistant to help me with my workload. I spend about 90% of my time prospecting and delegating work to one of my consultants and then 10% actually doing pressing work myself. It’s tough work and not a joke at all because I always need to be prospecting to find business.

I hope some of my work is paying off: I heard back from 4 prospects this week off a brand new email campaign asking for my details and the specifics of what I can do for them.

What I have realised is I cannot do this work alone anymore if I want to grow and make a true company that matters and delivers for its clients. Once I have sorted my o/d and found somewhere new to live, I am going to tackle finding a good assistant who is going to help me grow. I hope I can find someone in Tanzania who is worth it.


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