Fly on air: update on moving out & emotional wellbeing

I got upset last night about issues relating to my family and I put my friend L through an hour or so of ranting and in a way, I was expecting her to have my answers to my problem which is not fair and I apologised for getting emotional with her. As some of you know, I have wanted to move out for a long time relating to issues about living at home.

I should be able to release some of my savings so I can start the ball rolling to moving out in the next fortnight or so.

I have to move out for my emotional wellbeing and my mental health. I know I am going to be so much happier once I am not living at home. It’s nothing personal against my mum or my family members. I know how hard my mum works/worked to provide for me and my siblings – that said I have just outgrown living at home and reporting to people.

I want to live my life and I know I need to make that happen. I want to sort myself out, build my company, travel to London, New York, Atlanta and enjoy being a young single woman. I have really started to recover from the break-up which took so much of my time last year and moving out is the next step. I can’t explain how much I want to move out so it is just a question of making that happen.


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