Business Notes: Contacting business role models

This morning, I was telling Laura, my friend, that I had a dream last night which involved me travelling to New York/USA for the sole reason of trying to meet Oprah Winfrey so I could ask her a few questions about my business. We both laughed between us that it was a tad stalker-ish yet I had mentioned to her that Oprah was definitely my business role model.

Contacting business role models is something that lots of people do (or at least I think they do). Laura remarked that the Oprahs of this world must get so much fanmail and people wanting to spend time with them, and I added this is probably because of the halo effect which I think is understandable but not entirely sincere. I have so many questions in my head for her, that’d I’d like to ask her about business and building a company but naturally she is a very busy and successful woman.

I think if anyone is planning on doing this, you need to have your shit together because their time is money (pounds, dollars and shillings!).

Would you contact your business role model or would you be too scared?


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