Business Notes: Dealing with sales rejection

Just opened an email from a prospect that I emailed with a pitch to do their marketing.

A ”no” it is. I must admit, it took me a few days to open the email just because I get so worked up about hearing back which is an oxymoron because you have to hear back in order to ace a job. The past few weeks have been filled with many nos and I have been trying to be persistent, so it is a bit disappointing.

However, this is indicative of a few things:

*I am contacting the wrong people

*I need to keep contacting more people because rejection does not necessarily mean what I am doing is wrong

*I need to consistently look for new business every day

For the past few weeks, I have been prospecting every day which in itself is brutal and soul-crushing. Hats off to people who are doing this on the phone every day this month, I need to get back on using the phone, but it truly is tough work, which is why I am going to need epic treats such as moving out, getting a Chanel bag and reaching my million challenge goal.

How do you deal with sales rejection?


6 thoughts on “Business Notes: Dealing with sales rejection

  1. Have you considered making a list of businesses owned or operated by women and contacting them? I realize that women, especially heterosexual women, can be our own worst critics. However, we can also be our best allies against a common foe: sexism. I know it’s difficult, but put together a promo packet for yourself and go pound the pavement. Try to get an agreement to come back with a marketing plan that is specific to that business. The reason I’m suggesting pounding the pavement is that it’s very good to have a prospective client, especially one who is predisposed to dismissing you out of hand, see you face-to-face and look at you eye-to-eye so they can judge who you are. That’s not easy to do via mail, even e-mail. Once you have a couple of clients, then you can just send out your promo packet while following up with a phone call and/or letter. Nothing brings more business than having business already.

    • Yes I totally understand what you mean and thanks for your comment, but I have been doing that and it seems like not much is happening though.

      • Aulelia, may I ask what your ethnicity is? The reason for the question is that so many ethnic groups in Africa were matrilineal until those damn racist Catholic and Anglican priests showed up. Suddenly, it was all about men dominating women and women buying into it. I thought that I could, perhaps, get a better handle on what you’re going through if I understood your specific culture better. If I’m being rude, please excuse me. Here, in Cleveland, OH and, indeed, in many other places that are hodge-podges of different ethnic groups, mostly European, it’s very common to ask about one’s ethnic heritage.

        • Hi thewickedwoman, thanks again for your comment. To a certain degree, I understand what you are saying but I should stress that virtually 99% of Tanzania is religious (as am I) and I actually think the aspect of men dominating women comes more from African collective culture than the religious aspect, but your point does have merit. In terms of that linking to me with sales, I don’t really know but I do think me being a woman can make it more difficult for me to get sales which is very annoying!

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