Business Notes: 17 financial niches for entrepreneurs to exploit

Marketing is my industry, and one of the hottest topics at the moment is specialising. I have assembled a list of niches & markets that I think entrepreneurs or small business executives could exploit in terms of starting a business. I am no expert, just a young woman working on my small business but here are markets which I am interested in terms of looking for business:

  1. Loan industry (cash loans, personal loans)
  2. Mortgage lenders
  3. Mortgage brokers
  4. Debt recovery (commercial debt recovery companies, bailiffs)
  5. Debt solutions
  6. Insolvency/Bankruptcy
  7. Travel insurance
  8. Home insurance 
  9. Income protection insurance
  10. Dental insurance
  11. Health insurance 
  12. Accountancy (contact accountants and financial advisors)
  13. Wealth management
  14. Asset management 
  15. Foreign exchange 
  16. Hedge funds
  17. Investment banks

Who can try and sell to these 17 niches?

  • Graphic designers: Financial services companies are based on image, exclusivity and bloody hell, you need to get your customers to *trust* you with money. Graphic designs can create glossy brochures, design websites for companies, and logos for these companies who need to stay relevant.
  • Advertising agencies: Can create slick campaigns for investment banks who need to get society at large to *trust* them again. Agencies can look to create campaigns through print posters and web micro-sites. Slogans always are a good bet too.
  • Marketing & PR professionals: I naturally have to include this sector. I think marketing professionals would benefit from looking at which of these niches has to actively sell products or services – the loans industry is a good one to look at because essentially mortgages and personal loans are ”sold” to customers for a ”price” which is interest. I think marketing professionals can look to financial services niches that are selling their products for a premium price and look to engage these companies in conversations about how to get more people to buy into the price.
Bear in mind, anyone whether you are creating a catering company or a waste management company would look into these niches.

Are you starting your own business? Do these niches appeal to you?


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