Hair Notes: Are hair stylists too pushy? (VIDEO)

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “Hair Notes: Are hair stylists too pushy? (VIDEO)

  1. Thanks for posting the video. I hear you on the pushy hairdresser issue. Have you ever considered boycotting hairdressers altogether for basic haircare?

    Sounds a bit radical I know but understand that most commercial hairdressers’ business objective is to get things done ‘efficiently’. Unfortunately for us this means them viewing all hair as a commodity which needs swift manipulation; customers in and out as quickly as possible; as easily as possible.

    More detrimentally …it means fragile afro strands are raked mercilessly and ripped at during blowdrying without the due patience and care they deserve.

    (If you want to hold on to your hair) please do consider voting with your feet if your hairdresser is treating your hair like a problem that has to be solved; and a commodity that has to be processed asap. I did and my hair’s thanked me for it ever since.

    Just my 10p worth! 🙂

  2. You do need a speak a lot louder, my laptop is pretty bad for sound! I was just blogging earlier about how threatening hairdressers can be. I’d like to think I was pretty strong willed but there’s something about your face being millimetres away from a hot curling tong that makes you want to sit silently while you cry inside.

    • Hi Molly, many thanks for your comment. Yes you are right, I need to speak louder! I was definitely not speaking normally so thanks for the tip! lol at your curling iron comment! There is definite truth in that.

  3. I would tell them point blank that I have no intention of ever putting chemicals in my hair again. If they have a problem, I would go somewhere else. They are basically being selfish because they want what is easy for them, not what is best for you. Also, I would not want someone who is resentful of natural hair in my head.

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