Business Notes: How a typical day starts for me

Above is a picture of the view from the office where I am currently working.This is the view that I can see where I work. I should give some background, my cousin helped me get this office space temporarily as he is a consultant at an office, and I help him out every now and then but I focus on my work 95% of the time in this office.

How a typical day is for me

8am-9am: Get into the office – check emails and plan the day out.

9am – 12noon: Do remaining work that is outstanding such as copywriting articles, features, writing blog articles for clients

2pm onwards: Sending email enquiries to potential clients, conducting lead generation such as researching what companies to contact and prospecting for new clients by using email. I want to use more phone based work as well.

6pm-7pm: Wrap up the day, write to my consultant who conducts some work for me, send work to clients.

How is a typical day for you?

I want to spend more time prospecting and more time in the morning doing work.


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