Taking a Leap of Faith: I Got a Job!!

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About two weeks ago I turned 25 and I am happy and blessed to be where I’m at in my life so far. If you’ve been following my “Taking a Leap of Faith” series you know I made a big move 3 months ago to a bigger city to pursue my career. Last year I made three goals to be achieved by the end of January of 2012…

  • Be out of my mother’s home before 25.
  • Relocate to a bigger city.
  • Find work in the media/communication field.

I am happy to report that on January 27 my last goal was achieved. Last Friday I was told I got the job with a company I know I can learn from and grow with professionally. I start work tomorrow and I’m both excited and nervous. I am so happy I was able to achieve these three major life changing goals. Here’s a summary of steps I had to go through to get to my goals…

  • I worked two jobs – 1 (Full-time), 1 (Part-time).
  • Saved $5000 to relocate.
  • Maintained a very strict budget.
  • Applied to at least 2 – 3 jobs daily.
  • Documented each job I applied to by keeping a journal.

As far as a summary of my job search…

  • Applied to a total of 37 jobs.
  • Out of those 37 jobs interviewed for 6.
  • Out of those 6 jobs got 2 offers.

So far I feel like I’m on the right path and I am pleased to say I am in a happy place in my life.


10 thoughts on “Taking a Leap of Faith: I Got a Job!!

  1. Applying 2/3 jobs each day to make a total of 37 applications? Doesnt add up sweetie :). Congratulations for achieving your goals. All the best for the brighter future!

    • I guess I should have been more specific and gave more details instead of trying to do a quick summary. So in detail … As far as the 2-3 jobs … I TRIED to apply to that many daily some days were hits some were misses. Also I only job searched Mon – Fri and there were times I took breaks so I wouldn’t burn myself out. Also I am positive I applied to more than 37 jobs. I only said 37 because that’s what I have recorded in my book. I didn’t start to record the jobs I applied to until I notice I was getting confused and thought it would be a good idea to keep track. So as far as the total it’s not going to add up. In terms of achieving my goals and a brighter future … thanks. Hopefully this gives you a better understanding sweetie.

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