Can you afford to have natural hair? Ask yourself that before you transition

Every now and then, I do get asked questions by people about what it is like having natural hair. I have fun with protective hair styles such as braids and I think it’s all part of the fun of being natural.

Having natural hair is brilliant, wicked, fun and extremely expensive. This part is really not stressed in the glossy veneer of the natural hair movement – sometimes (to me), having watched the blog scene flourish so beautifully and I love that, I think the financial aspect of being natural has taken a back seat and it really should not.

Without disposable income to even make your own homemade ingredients for your hair, you cannot be natural. That’s why I want to ask anyone who reads this blog or anyone who is curious about going natural – can you actually afford your lifestyle as a natural? I realise me living in Tanzania for now means I can afford it every now and then depending on the cost of braiding. The cost of weaves here is up there with London & New York.

I’ve never tried glossy products such as Miss Jessie’s so I cannot make judgments on them, but I will say I really like some products from Dark & Lovely such as their treatment conditioners and the tingly scalp products from Dr Miracle’s and they definitely aren’t cheap.

So what I’d say to anyone who is natural or anyone considering to be natural is only do it if you can afford to have natural hair styles because it defintiely is expensive.

There is no point in my view having a gorgeous natural hair style if you cannot afford to pay off your debts/mortgage.


15 thoughts on “Can you afford to have natural hair? Ask yourself that before you transition

  1. I actually find being natural to be fairly cheap. Sometimes I splurge on expensive products, bu tit isn’t necessary. I used to spend more money when I had braid extensions all the time.

  2. No way, natural hair is way cheaper to maintain, not that I know first hand how much it cost to maintain hair that’s not natural. I had natural hair for all of my life and buying products for your natural hair is as cheap as you want it to be. Those expensive and over rated natural hair products are just that, expensive and over rated.
    That does not mean though, that they don’t work, for some people they do.

  3. Totally appreciate this is your experience but I have to offer up an alternative point of view (as other commentators have)! Apart from a 3 year stint in my life where I used relaxer, I have always had natural hair and I find it much cheaper! No more steam treatments, and I didn’t have to go to the salon every 4-6 weeks, I could go whenever I wanted. Now I have locs and spend only money and shampoo, conditioner and locking butter because I do my hair myself. When I had chemically treated hair, the money I spent on products alone was frightening – and all they did was make my hair flammable and in one instance, attract bees.

  4. going natural… or rather being natural my whole life (19 years) i can honestly tell you has cost me nothing compared to that of the unnatural hair styles… a new style every month or so and alternating between wearing it fro’d out or as curly and tight as it wants to be and in a ponytail cost very little compared to all the professional work needed to keep an unnatural hairstyle looking good… even on days when i walk out of the house with my hair looking a hot mess in my opinion i get compliments on how “AWESOME” my hair is or how tight my curls are or how sexy it is… even dudes come up and wanna play in my hair…

    • oh ya and my mom is a hair stylist and my dad is barber… and since my mom is a stylist she always brings home new hair shampoos and conditioners for me to try since she keeps her hair supa short… and the difference between hair products “for natural people” and other shampoos and conditioners isn’t really worth the difference in cost…

  5. Being natural is so much cheaper than weaves, relaxers or braids. I use shea butter & jojoba oil. A bottle of each lasts for at least 4 months. I don’t use all the brand names because I don’t like the chemicals in a lot of them & they are too expensive. Being natural is more economical you just have to do your homework and stay away from the brand hype.

  6. I dont think cost comes into being natural. Many products you used when relaxed or any chemical process can be used whilst you transition or choose to buy new products. One of the things I found was that by not limiting myself to the so-called black hair products I was able to try cheaper shampoos. If hair is a budgeting expense just do your research and dont get bought into the hype.

  7. But with the cost of weaves, regular relaxers etc, I would put it to you that being natural will generally be a cheaper option (as long as you avoid the product junkie-ism endemic to the newly naturals). I would also say that locsing must be the cheapest of them all, Give me a bottle of castor oil, a bottle of coconut oil and some cheap shampoo and I am set for months!

    • Eva, thanks for your comment + you made such a key point: the product junkieism is not good on any natural girl’s purse and I think this is why Charcoal Ink does not do that many product reviews. People should find what works for them for sure but always be within budget, though I admit this is extremely hard!

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