Millionaire Challenge Update #4

I need to be more aggressive. I earmarked a further £5 for the challenge. I know this is not really that aggressive but I am trying to be more focused about it.

It’s really difficult thinking about this challenge every day but it’s going to be the only way that I (think) can get there.

As in my third update, my totals put aside was £111.46. Adding the £5, I should now have £116.46 (I will call my bank to check but I sent the money via online banking so it should clear on Monday).

Total balance brought forward from my 3rd update: £1,299,888.54


Total current balance of money left to save: £1,299,883.54


2 thoughts on “Millionaire Challenge Update #4

  1. It’s drops of water that make up an ocean. You are making progress. Is there a deadline for this challenge?

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