Business Notes: December 2011 Revenue Report – Still reeling from the loss of earnings from the break-up!

It is times like this when I am now kicking myself for falling off the business radar in July, August & September 2011!

In the spirit of transparency, I am going to creating frequent revenue reports to show you all how I am going in the scary world of trying to run businesses so you can earn a living!

Total revenue from all business ventures: ₤1,340.67 /$2,077.70)

December is normally a terribly difficult month to make money so a little cash did come in which is always good. I was making much more money in the first quarter of 2011 because emotionally I was doing well as I was not stressed because things were fine in my life and I met someone.

As you know, when the relationship crumbled, my finances crumbled in an instant because my business ground to a halt.

I’m never going to let a guy ruin my focus so my business actually crumbles. It’s going to take months and months to get back to my earning power from before but I am rebuilding my business revenues brick-by-brick. I don’t want to make excuses: I was emotionally a wreck for a good three months before autumn in which I barely worked and lived off my savings. Not a good look – now I have rebuilt my savings and I am doing more enquiries to ramp up clients as well as taking part in my Million Challenge.

What do you all think? Can personal problems affect how you work and therefore how much money you can make?


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