Do you stick to your daily budget?

Yesterday, I assigned a budget for myself in order to start making some serious changes to my life.

20,000 Tanzanian shillings (£8/$12) for the day

  • 1,700 TZS: sending a letter to my bank (I walked to the post office to save transport money)
  • 800 TZS: An auto-rickshaw back home
  • 2,000 TZS: Phone credit
Total: 4,500 – this left 15,500 left over which I did not use so I rolled that amount over onto today.
How do you encourage yourself to stick to your daily budget?



2 thoughts on “Do you stick to your daily budget?

  1. I think a budget is really just a general guideline; more or less a safety net. It’s a plan you most likely won’t stick to, yet it’s good to have one because it gives you a sense of direction.
    The important practice is to adhere to the saving habit. And also to cut down on all those little regular expenses which add up to a lot at the end of the month. Like snacking and regular weekend splurges (such as movies); every now and then they are a good source of the necessary high, but as a regular they eat into one’s finances.

    • Ozoro, that is such a good point that you made about snacking. It is things like this which really do affect how people spend their money + your finances can take a huge hit from these types of things.

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