What do you do if your friends are judgmental about your money?

I think as we get deeper into our working lives, money tends to crop up more in external relationships such as friendships. I never really thought about the effect money has on relationships but as I am getting older, I am realising it does have an effect.

How occupation colours my view on money

I am now a debt marketing specialist which means I help companies, small businesses who work in the debt markets such as the loan & mortgage industry come up with copywriting & marketing strategies to attract more customers/consumers/clients. Because I read about debt, mortgages, money management and general credit market news everyday, I am becoming used to the idea that money is critical in how people live their lives.

How I think friendships can be affected by money

I do believe that the friendships which are meant to last in this life will last regardless of how much you earn. However, I definitely think there is a change in the tide with some of my friendships which are definitely becoming more affected by money in terms of comments.

I think you can tell a lot about a friendship judging by the types of comments friends give each other about shopping. Ask yourself this, do you have one friend who is commenting on how much your beauty/fashion purchases are, always in passing? Chances are, you probably have a friend who is affected by how you spend your money.

My personal view on it is I do not care whether my friend is buying a $1m Lamborghini, they are adults so I assume they have taken care of themselves and their dependents (if applicable) before buying the car. It’s not my place as a friend to say oh that’s so expensive but you are paying so much! If they have worked hard for it, they deserve whatever they want as long as it is not hurting anyone.

I think the moral of what I think here is – don’t count other people’s money especially your friends. Enjoy what each other has to offer in friendship and don’t let your friend’s purchases affect how you two interact.

Note: I am a little biased because I do love the idea of buying a Mercedes SLS AMG when I am all sorted out financially!

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “What do you do if your friends are judgmental about your money?

  1. I’ve had other people try to count my money. Sometimes people are jealous about what they perceive your finances to be. I think it’s important to tell people to back off from the get go or they become comfortable poking into your business.

  2. I think people should not try to control over judge how their friends spend their money, as long as said friend has their sh*t together and isn’t “hurting anyone” (aka stealing or scheming from others) for said purchase. I would, however, appreciate a cautionary word if I, for example, spent frivolously and am failing to see it. I would also caution my friends if this happened to them. But in the end, we’re all adults and no one needs or wants a micro-manager/nagger that constantly passes down their own judgments on us about our spending.

    • Yes I agree with you – as long as you are not hurting anyone. I think the thing is not coming across judgmental about it – so for example if you think someone is spending a lot of money, it depends as it is all relative.

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