Deciphering the value for money of going to the salon

I went to the hair salon today as you can see above, and it made me think about trying to figure out the value for money aspect of going to the salon.

I got the following done today (included currency prices with exchange rates)

  • Hair braiding for box braids: 30,000 Tanzanian shillings ($18/£12)
  • Eyebrow shaping: 1,000 Tanzanian shillings ($0.62/£0.40)
  • Blow dry + hair washing: 5,000 Tanzanian shillings ($3/£2)
  • Buying x 2 extra packs of hair: 3,000 Tanzanian shillings ($1.87/£1.22)

Grand total spent: 39,000 Tanzanian shillings ($24/£15.86)

I think here is a lot to be gleaned from figuring out what the value is for money. I can see the value for money in the eyebrow shaping, blow dry & hair wash that I had today because for the price, the quality of work that the stylist did was good for what I got. It was not stellar or excellent – but it was good for what I paid.

I think value for money also depends on the environment. Even though 30K Tanzanian shillings seems like a little amount when I converted it into dollars & sterling for you guys, considering the market prices in Dar-es-Salaam to get hair done with box braids, it is actually not value for money in terms of the value I got.

I told the stylists (3 of them) that I needed to go soon so I needed them to be quick and efficient. I got an efficient and quick job, so in terms of speed, it was value for money in terms of the 30K I spent, however the quality was not worth 30K.

The old adage is maybe true: you get what you pay for.

My equation for working out whether you get value for money from your hair stylist:

  • Efficiency + Quality x Cost = Value for Money

Efiiciency and quality actually affect value for money more than anyone would think. Do you still go to the salon or are you over it now?


2 thoughts on “Deciphering the value for money of going to the salon

  1. O.V.E.R. it! As much as I love big beautiful box braids, paying $200 in NYC just to get my hair ripped off is not appealing at all. I’m still browsing for competent hair braiders. Although my favorite style is wearing my little afro, I like to change it from time to time.

    • Thanks for your comment, paola. I think the expense of getting braids at the salon is going to kill of the traditional black salon for sure.

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