3 hair styles black women can try to save money

1. Box braids

{Image source: Sporty Afros}

Box braids are cheap to get done, they don’t take a lot of time and provided you wear a scarf, they can last for at least a month. Moneysaving factor guaranteed and you can use synthetic hair to save even more money.

2. Micro braids

{Image source: LHCF}

Micros are amazing, and I can see why they are moneysaving but my arse does not have the patience for them. Fortitude needed!

3. Afros 

I don’t care if Solange is wearing a wig here or not – she looks amazing. Afros are cheap to maintain because of the low cost of the creams, conditioners and pomades on the market. If you are natural and want to save money, wearing your Afro out as long as it is conditioned is a good option.

Verdict:I think braids are probably the best one to do if you want to save money and cut down the time you spend on doing your hair. What do you all think?


2 thoughts on “3 hair styles black women can try to save money

  1. I agree that braids are the best for saving money and for convenience. Especially if you have a friend who can do them for a discount.

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