My Million Challenge: The nuts and bolts of how I am working on being a millionaire

Last year, I did not take the millionaire challenge seriously. I was too busy wasting time with someone who did not deserve my love. 2012 and 2013 are going to the next two years where I am going to try and be a millionaire, God willing.

The deadline I am setting myself to be a millionaire is my birthday – 27 April 2014

The financial goal: is to have £1.3m ($2m) in liquid cash after tax

No one knows about this challenge except all of you & my cousin and naturally that is how I am going to keep it.

How do I plan on getting there?

I need to work my arse off. At the moment, I have two businesses: my copywriting work and my recruitment website business. Both need to turn over more money because even because I need to be turning over thousands and thousands basically to make that amount that I want.

  • I am specialising: in copywriting, I have decided to specialise so I can deliver higher quality of work. I am going to be specialising in debt markets such as loans, mortgages and debt solutions.
  • I will stop what is not making money: I have my temporary assistant working on the recruitment website but if I cannot find any job adverts for it after he finishes working for me, then I will consider stopping the website altogether because I have to focus on what brings in money so I can reach the millionaire target.
  • I will create a thorough business plan: I always used to fail at making achievable business plans but I am going to give this a better go this time round. I have been researching international debt markets to understand where the demand is for debt so I think making a business plan should work.

Current overdraft to repay as of 11 January 2012 (interest free till July 2012): £1,999

Current savings: £1,000+

Current money put away in My Million Challenge : £100 (that means £1,299,900)


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