8 ways women can save money with hair & beauty purchases

Bria Murphy, Dark & Lovely's new global ambassador - but how can we save on purchasing her company's products?

  1. Use the internet: I have seen so many good deals for hair extensions for African-American consumers. Sadly, many of these good deals for $9.99 packs of hair or $5.99 packs of hair do not extend to other African countries so I would suggest that consumers in the US take advantage of these offers.
  2. Ask for discounts in beauty stores: I don’t see what is wrong with haggling in a beauty store but I would suggest that you do it for big ticket items such as hair leave-in conditions from brands such as Dark & Lovely who are known to provide products to salons. This means it is a bigger vat of hair conditioner so the store owner might be more willing to cut the price down.
  3. Plan ahead: Do you have a wedding or a graduation to attend in around 3 months? Do yourself a favour and look for make-up deals now so you do not have to buy later. Brands such as Chanel are notorious for their price increases on all their products and their beauty products are no different. If you love luxurious make-up, give yourself a maximum number that you can buy in bulk (say 10 and make them last for the whole year).
  4. Buy combs/brushes in bulk: There is a lot of contention about the merit of using combs/brushes if you have natural hair or fine afro hair. If you do like to use brushes or combs, I would suggest investing in a Denman brush and buy three at a time – these should be able to last you for several months which saves time if you are spending money on combs which don’t provide the value that you want.
  5. Mix & match: Do you really need only luxury make-up? Perhaps only use one luxury brand of beauty products and match with other cheaper ones. For example, if you love the mega-watt finish of M.A.C foundation, only buy lipsticks from Rimmel and nail varnish from Barry M.
  6. Only pay cash: I think this is one of the best things I have learned since reading personal finance blogs. The next time you find yourself going to the beauty shop to buy hair extensions or shea butter, encourage yourself to only spend £20 or $20, whatever the price limit is for your budget. Can you save money this way?
  7. Write down your goals before you go shopping for hair products: Write down what you want to feel like before you go shopping for hair & beauty. Unless your hair goals necessitates an actual needs, it probably means you don’t need it.
  8. Ask your hairstylist for a retainer fee: I just thought of this now but I seriously think that asking for a retainer could be a good idea if you work in an image conscious industry and you are very busy so you need someone else to do it. This could work well for women who live in emerging market nations where the beauty industry is growing, so more stylists might be up for a retainer.

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