3 tips on finding out if you are financially compatible with your boyfriend

Looking into his mocha-coloured eyes and whispering sweet nothings is lovely in the first stages of a relationship. But when I found out that money was the main reason why couples split up, I realised that if I am going to ever find the love of my life, after such a bad breakup that I had last year, I need to know what his financial priorities are. As 2012 comes into full swing, one thing I am thinking about for the future is financial compatibility if I do happen to fall in love again. One thing last year told me was that I definitely like being in a relationship with someone who I am financially in tune with. Here are my 3 tips that I use to see if I can work financially with a potential romantic partner. As young women heading to our late 20s, I think it’s important to use the following tips.

  1. Ask him if he has savings: I think this is a fair question to ask someone who you are having a long term relationship with. Not someone who you are bonking to fill up time, but the man you can see walking you down the aisle/being the father of your baby etc. What good is bed if we don’t have savings to buy a bed one day?
  2. Find out if he want to rent or buy: Lots of people want to get on the property ladder and get mortgages and this is true for people in Tanzania, the US and the UK. Are you the kind of girl who is happy to rent for the next few years and buy if you two decide to get married or do you want to buy first, maybe tie the knot later or are you happy getting a mortgage without tying the knot? I do think if you plan on staying with a guy until the end, knowing if he wants to rent or buy in the long-term is crucial so you can both get your financial ends in order.
  3. Ask him what he wants to pay and what you should pay? I know, I know – we live in a modern world. I still think a man should pay for the first date – but that is just me. However, a long term relationship is definitely built on 50/50 and I do think this is important. Knowing what your boyfriend pays for if you live together is really important.

2 thoughts on “3 tips on finding out if you are financially compatible with your boyfriend

  1. Great tips! I think this is very important factor that should be discussed once in a relationship. I once was told that you shouldn’t discuss finances with someone that you just start dating, but if your looking into getting serious I think that’s something that should be discussed. Great post!

    • I think yes in the short term, don’t mention money but anything more than 6 months, you clearly like them so I do think seeing if you are both on the same financial page is a good idea.

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