Business Notes: Remembering why I am working

Me & my youngest sister

Today my friend & I took my youngest sister who you can see pictued and her friend to the beach and for ice-cream. I did some work in the morning such as writing follow up emails and doing some general business housekeeping and I took the afternoon off to spend time with her before she goes back to school in another part of the country this weekend.It was really great spending time with her and I thought a lot about what I want in life.

I am proud of some of the things I achieved in 2011 such as getting rid of my credit card issues – however, thinking about my youngest sister and the kind of influence I want to have in her life made me realise that I really need to re-assess why I am working. We all need to work to make a living but what about why we are doing it.

Last year, I set up a copywriting blog which I barely updated that was supposed to track me trying to make 1 million pounds sterling in one calendar year. I failed at that and I think I know why – I just was not serious enough. I liked the idea of saying that I could do it but actually I did not know why I wanted to do it. This month, I feel like things are a whole lot different – I am in a different place because actually by spending more time with my sister, I realise that I want to work hard for her so I can be able to have some sort of influence (positive) in her life that can make her life better.

When times get hard, I realise this is what I need to remember.

Why do you work?


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