Business Notes: New Month, New Assistant

My new assistant starts tomorrow and he will be a mix between a social media assistant and affiliate marketing assistant for one of my business, the career website, which is going through a massive rehaul after it was attacked. He will be representing the social media side for the moment until I sort out the website.

He is going to be temporary for 5 weeks, working 5 days per week. He needs to execute for me, but moreover it is also a test to see whether my business website can work with someone else working on it.

It is going to be such a huge relief to know that he is working on it. One thing I will say is getting a Tanzanian person who is up to scratch for this temporary role has been very hard for me because quite frankly, many people are not good and I received at least 50 applications from people who were not serious. He got the job because he was serious and he followed up many times.

Whether he is a good investment remains to be seen, but I am looking forward to seeing what he can come up with. No more excuses – time to start making success happen day by day!

What are your business/career goals for the year?


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