My End of Year Money Situation 2011

As we enter the last week of December, I wanted to show you guys how I am progressing financially in terms of trying to get myself sorted out. As some of you know, I have been sharing many more insights into how I am trying to save and getting my money situation sorted out. Here is how 2011 has panned out:


  • Credit card paid off in full in June 2011: £500 in the black
  • Reached first goal of over £1,000 in savings in December 2011
  • Highest amount of savings ever reached last week: £1,207 ($1,880)
  • December 2011 saw £440.28 ($685) saved in a single month, my highest ever record put into my savings account

Current Situation

  • Interest-free overdraft to pay (by July 2012): -1,999 :
  • Current amount in savings account: £1,207
  • Net equity: -£792

I am trying to save as much as I can so I can reach that £1,999 figure so I can have everything cleared. The overdraft is interest free until July 2012 so I have still have some time to turn everything around because I am short on £792 to pay it all off. It is times like this when I wonder why on earth I even GOT that silly overdraft because if I did not, I could have that £1,207 in a high interest account that did not have penalties or I could have saved 80% of that amount and used the other 20% on myself. I am lucky it is interest free though and for that I am grateful.

2011 has been good money wise in so far as personal finance has become a top priority as opposed to putting my head in the sand and trying to learn how to budget. I am not great at budgeting because I am a spender at heart so teaching myself how to save has been really difficult and such a long journey this year which was not helped by me having personal drama which hurt my ability to save.

How are you planning 2012 in terms of your personal finances? Don’t be shy – share your feelings – you don’t have to put your real name in the comments!


2 thoughts on “My End of Year Money Situation 2011

  1. Your doing good with your financial goals. Every little bit that you can put to the side definitely helps and adds up. If you keep following your plan you’ll definitely reach your goal in no time. I love the feeling of paying of bills especially credit cards!

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