3 Patterns about my Financial Spending Personality : Eating Out, Perfumes, Offers & Beauty!

Technically, my New Year started on the first Sunday of Advent in December, but one thing is for sure, when I look back on this year, I have realised that I have a few financial spending patterns that I could really do with understanding.

[1] Perfumes & Beauty

On Christmas Eve, I had a lot of fun shopping online on Boots.com. I decided to treat myself for working hard to save my highest amount in December and I bought some new products including some items that are on my vision board list such as Prada’s Infusion d’Iris. I will show the items when they arrive but I have definitely realised that I am someone who likes the pampering aspect of beauty with products such as perfumes, so I am definitely keeping Coty in business LOL. I bought Prada’s Infusion d’Iris, the Beyonce Pulse Gift Set again (it was on sale, 50% off, couldn’t resist!) and Burberry Weekend (again it was half price, 50% off). No more perfume shopping for me for a while! I sent the products to my best friend’s house in London and she will post them to Tanzania. I know I am serious about moving out which means beauty purchases have got to be curbed for a long long time.

[2] Eating Out

This is the hardest one. I love to eat out whether it is devouring a plate of chips, penne or just eating in general. I love the social aspect of eating out and because I am not a drinker, eating out is just so lovely to me. I know this is another part that I need to cut down on because I eat out almost every other day and I am not budgeting for it which is terrible behaviour! I think because eating out is cheap in Tanzania, I am taking advantage but I know I have to stop, so maybe getting it down to x 3 a week so it is not too much of a shock to me.

[3] Offers & Deals

I want offers and deals because they are a sign of a value for money. When I did my shop on Boots.com, I did get discounts of around £38 so I was happy about that, and I have noticed because I am a spender, I need to be able to get a deal so I feel like there is some value.

2011 has definitely been the year of distractions and I feel bad because sometimes even when I reach a goal, I just feel so distracted and want to buy perfumes and beauty products at will! How do you all encourage yourself to stay focused on keeping your financial spending personality in check?


4 thoughts on “3 Patterns about my Financial Spending Personality : Eating Out, Perfumes, Offers & Beauty!

  1. One of the things that helped me save was giving myself an allowance. For example I could only spend $50 and it would have to last me fore two weeks. But base the amount on what you think is best for you.

  2. You could continue the social aspect of eating and drinking by doing so at each others houses? You could do it as a sort of Come Dine with Me sort of thing but without the scoring and back stabbing).

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