Savings Notes: Reached first goal of £1,000 saved

As some of you may now, this year has been defined by me trying to save. Yesterday was a milestone of sorts because when I called my bank, they told me that I had saved over £1,000 ($1,568).

I am still a long way away but I do think at least the past few months I have managed to pay off my credit card completely and now I have managed to save at least £1,000. I am also going to tackle my interest free overdraft payments as they need to be made.

I am writing this to show you that I am still learning and I make mistakes every day when it comes to money because I am a spender by nature. 

How are things looking for all of you savings wise?


2 thoughts on “Savings Notes: Reached first goal of £1,000 saved

  1. as for me, i am learning how to save money finally! My last bird of 6 flew away. Wow! It is great, i mean real money.

    • So sorry for this late reply! For some reason, your comment went to spam and I did not see it until now. How is your saving going? x

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