Business Notes: The Detail is in the Execution – Looking at fashion brand, The Row

I think one of the most over used words in business and entrepreneurship is brand. Whenever I read blogs, all I hear about is brand this or brand that. What is a brand? Is it just a label? Today I stumbled across the video below showcasing Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen’s fashion company The Row. Please have a look at the video below:

It’s interesting, because these women have been famous since they were toddlers and I think part of them must have known that it would be an uphill struggle to be taken seriously in the fashion world, but my word, they completely know what image + aesthetic they are aiming for when it comes to their ‘brand’ or what I like to say the identity of their company. So to me branding my ventures is not about being over the top but it is about creating the identity that sums up what I want my businesses to be about, which is first and foremost helping customers get what they want.

If you note in the video, Mary-Kate & Ashley go into a lot of detail about how you can apply the Row to your styles and tastes. I think the look of this company is very well executed and it made me think – execution is truly all that matters. The Row is well executed in terms of its image because all the key points of polish, gloss and sensuality which are key in fashion are literally emanating from each pixel of that video, whether you like the fact they use fur/leather or not. I think there is a lot to be gleaned by people in completely different industry who are successful at executing on their company’s identity and its vision.

Watching this video only furthered to remind me that execution is the only thing that matters. No matter how much people continue to try and stand in my way by telling me that I should just jack it in and get a job, if I can continue to execute for my clients, something has to be working. From every stitch and seam in that video (I love the mustard yellow coat by the way), you can see that they want to execute a clear sartorial vision of sleek minimalist clothes for their clients. This is no different how I want my careers website to help graduates land jobs they will love or how I want to write breezy yet substantial copy for my B2B clients.

I started thinking about the importance of execution when I had another run in with my mother about a fortnight ago about her wanting me to basically give up my business ventures, claiming that they are hobbies. I just ignored her as usual, but she seems to think she can force me to get a job. This is why I know that focusing on the execution of an airtight plan is the only to further yourself whether you are a one half of a twin designer duo or a young woman in Tanzania with two internet businesses.


2 thoughts on “Business Notes: The Detail is in the Execution – Looking at fashion brand, The Row

  1. It’s very interesting that your talking about this because I believe branding yourself/company is very important. I went to a job workshop last week and one the women evaluating my resume told me that I needed to brand myself a but more. It was along the same lines you are talking about having an “identity”.

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