Business Notes: Why can’t black people outside of the USA subscribe to EBONY Magazine & Black Enterprise?

I thought EBONY was supposed to be revamping their look and trying to rescue their brand.

If this is the case, why can’t I subscribe to EBONY magazine? Check out this link here that EBONY use to sell subscriptions to their website. When I clicked on the drop down menu to look for Tanzania, the only country listed is the United States.

There are 40 million black people in Brazil, and 158 million people in Nigeria. Even if the collective populations of Nigeria & the Afro Brazilians wanted to subscribe to EBONY, they will find that they cannot.

Why are magazines like EBONY forgetting other black people? I live in Tanzania but I am ready to subscribe but I can’t. I have also been trying to subscribe to Black Enterprise and they just won’t let me accept my VISA card which has funds in it and I tried with a MasterCard credit card. Isn’t it time for black owned businesses to execute thorough checks and balances to ensure money comes in?

What do you all think?



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