Business Notes: December chills

It’s difficult to assess how hard it is when you are trying to build your business and make contacts to do deals with and they don’t call or email you back.

My best example of this is one lead that seemed keen to hear from me about a proposal I had and then they literally disappeared off the face of the earth, they won’t return my emails or anything! It’s so difficult dealing with leads like this because I don’t know whether I am being too persistent or annoying.

In other news, I am currently recruiting for a temporary affiliate marketing assistant in Dar es Salaam and I have seen some really terrible CVs and one or two good ones. It makes me wonder whether there is truly going to be someone who can do the job the way I need it done.

I am trying to be focused on being successful but it is so difficult where is such a lack of quality.


2 thoughts on “Business Notes: December chills

    • Hi Aisha, the job is for someone to work from home but what I have found is basic things like reading the job description thoroughly is what many applicants have thus avoided. It’s like they literally just call and apply and don’t think what they can bring to the role, which is frustrating for me as an employer.

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