Three Things I Learned About Job Searching

If you’ve been following my journey “Taking a Leap of Faith” you know I recently relocated without having a job. I’ve basically been living off my savings and I’ve been here just a month. Just recently I was able to get 4 interviews. For one of the jobs I got hired, the other three are still pending and I’m waiting to move on to the next step. So here’s what I’ve learned so far about job hunting…

Have a Plan

Having a solid plan is very important to your job search, it not only gets you into a routine but a steady plan I believe keeps you grounded. Monday through Saturday I search and apply for jobs, giving myself Sunday off to clear my head and regroup. My plan also includes applying to at least 5 to 10 jobs daily. It may sound a bit much but it is very possible to do, having such a goal personally pushes me.

Document the Jobs

Make a list of the jobs you’ve been applying too!  I can’t stress enough how important it is to document which jobs you’ve actually applied for. When I first started my job search I was getting very confused on which jobs I applied for and when I applied to them. I now document the company, job title, date applied, website, email etc. This not only keeps you organized but is essential to your job search if you plan on checking up on a job.

Cold Calling

Aulelia actually pushed me to be more aggressive with this, and if wasn’t for that advice I wouldn’t have obtained some of the interviews I did get. There is nothing wrong with getting a list of companies together and calling to see if they have any openings. For example, one of the companies I interviewed for I actually seen an opening on a job search website. I wanted to make sure the position was actually open and what I needed to do to actually apply. I searched for the actual company’s contact information and called the human resources department. The human resources associate I talked to was very kind, told me what I needed to do to apply and I made sure I gave her my name. Literally 20 minutes after applying I got a call, did a phone interview and scheduled an actual interview.

So far this is my progress and I have to say things are looking very good. I’m trying to stay very optimistic.

Do you have any tips on job searching? If so please share.



6 thoughts on “Three Things I Learned About Job Searching

  1. Great tips. I am currently looking for a job. I have uploaded my cv to job websites and make use of a career advisor company. Thankfully my friend helped me with a covering letter.

    • SoFrolushes I know exactly what your going through. What industry are you trying to get a job in?

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