Business Notes: Why are online shoppers in African countries ignored by the world??

I recently ordered Beyonce’s fragrance Pulse, but I had to get it posted to my friend’s flat in London because I could not get it delivered to Tanzania.

Seems like the only relevant countries in Africa range between South Africa, Kenya and Morocco every now and then. 

It is so frustrating because I love beauty, fashion & make-up. Don’t even get me started on black hair extensions by companies in the US who do not ship to African countries. 

Is this because the small business community thinks there is no money to be made from African societies? I am not so sure because I know there are people like me who want premium products and are willing to pay, but I can’t just fly out to Dubai/London/New York because I have to focus on work.

What is the solution here? Net A Porter offers delivery to Tanzania and that is really about it. 


7 thoughts on “Business Notes: Why are online shoppers in African countries ignored by the world??

  1. I don’t know what’s wrong with these companies. Some of them don’t even want to ship to Canada. Then you have those that will ship to Puerto Rico but not the U.S. Virgin Islands, although they are both U.S. territories and right next to each other. Plus the shipping is the same as anywhere else in the U.S.

    • Thanks for your comment, I am flabbergasted that some retailers from the US don’t shit to the US Virgin Islands! WTF is that about? Crazy!

      • Yes, one of my good friends lives there, and she has to send stuff to my house, then I send it to her. Many companies do this. I think they don’t realize The U.S.V.I. are part of the United States and that the shipping rates are the same. People are just ignorant which is too bad for their business.

  2. I would be very disappointed also. I wonder if it’s because shipping rates are so high and because the demand of the product isn’t that high where you live.

    • I think it more has to do with demand, because South Africa is right at the bottom of the continent location wise yet they get delivery and we don’t.

  3. I can imagine that is extremely frustrating. Maybe there is money to be made as the middle man who can deliver fashion order from overseas to Tanzania? I am from Uganda, but I live in the UK. However, trying to order to Uganda at times it near impossible. Better off just waiting for family to bring it…

    You might have identified a gap in the market? 😉

    • Nice to see you comment – I think that sounds like a good idea actually because to be honest, it is frustrating being so far away and not being able to get my hands on the fashion & beauty things that I crave.

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