Business Notes: 3 things I noticed about cold calls yesterday

Yesterday, I did x 2 cold calls, one unrelated to work and one related to advertising sales cold calling.

The latter call made me realise 3 important things that can make cold-calling worthwhile in advertising sales for my website. 

1. Receptionists can help

I called this lead thinking I got the right number. Turns out it was the switchboard. Instead of fobbing me off, the receptionist gave me the department’s number that I was looking for and more over than that, he actually volunteered the name of the contact that I needed without me asking.

What I learned from this: all it takes is one nice person you don’t know to help you out.

2. Executives of companies do not have to be scary

When I called that number, I got through to a high placed executive at the company who then went to find the lead I needed to talk to. I did not want to bother her so I asked for the email instead but she insisted on putting me through.

What I learned from this: don’t assume people want to fob you off.

3. Relax when you speak

When I spoke to the actual lead, I was shocked at how relaxed I was even though I was so nervous. This made me realise that you have to be relaxed in order for this to work. Relaxed voice displays confidence which leads need. The lead told me to send my content in an email and follow up.

What I learned from this: keep it short and sweet without sounding nervous. Don’t stumble on your words!

Outcome of this

This call is what is known as an effective call, which is cold calling where you speak to the decision maker about what you are trying to sell. I was happy that I made my first effective call of November and I know I need to ramp it up. I have been doing a lot of copywriting on the side but I know I need to focus on making more cold calls and everyday.

I also achieved one of my key performance indicators which was getting the email address for the key contact, sending him  my proposal and he told me to follow up next week with a telephone call.

What do you all think of this? Any tips on how I can motivate myself?



2 thoughts on “Business Notes: 3 things I noticed about cold calls yesterday

  1. To motivate yourself, remind yourself that you haven’t failed until you quit trying. So keep keeping on until it clicks; and then things will simply keep on clicking.

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