4 reasons why I am furious with this salon wash & blow-dry I received (1 Picture)

I look glum because that is how that freaking salon that I frequent made me feel this Sunday. I don’t know whether the owner has gone AWOL or she does not care, but the stylist she had holding down the fort should not even be called a stylist.

Here is why I am furious:

1) I told the stylist that I wanted my hair washed. I love going to the hair salon to get my hair washed when it is done properly – it’s such a calming sensation and you really feel like your scalp is getting massaged properly. First fuck-up was the stylist asking me if I wanted cold or hot water after she started using cold water. Who goes to the hair salon to get their hair washed with freezing cold water? Enquiring minds want to know!

2) After she finished washing, I mentioned in passing as she was going to blow dry my hair that I had bought pick and drop style hair extensions to get my hair braided. She proceeds to give me her 2p basically saying that pick and drop hair won’t look nice because my hair is too thick at the roots therefore I should get a blow-out treatment done where they put chemicals in my hair. I explicitly said several times that I do not want to put relaxer in my hair and she’s like it’s not really a relaxer, it just makes your hair straight and I was like again unless it is a hair dryer or straighteners, how can it not be a relaxer? WTF? Naturalaxers do not count. I am not anti relaxers at all – they are just not for me. She had the cheek to look at the next client waiting to get washed and be like ”explain it to her if you know what I mean” and that’s when I reiterated again I am NOT putting chemicals in my hair.

3) Hilariously, she was like come back here and I can braid your hair for 30,000. For the area and the work needed for 2 packs of pick and drop hair extensions, that is a complete and total rip off, not to mention her bright arse attitude.

4) Her attitude of her acting like she is doing me a favour by giving her work to do on Sunday.

I work hard for my money and I feel like the money I paid to get this wash and blow dry was not worth it at all. I will not be going there again and I am disappointed with this pervasive lack of customer serivce in many black hair salons I visit here in Dar.




4 thoughts on “4 reasons why I am furious with this salon wash & blow-dry I received (1 Picture)

  1. despite the bright arse attitude the salon person gave you, you got lovely hair Aulelia. love it, love it…be furious when they mistreat it coz its damn gorgeous 🙂

  2. Okay couple of things I need to understand ..
    1. what is a pick and drop hair? does that mean hair weave
    2. What is 30,000 equivalent to in US dollars? I don’t know what currency your using, so that’s why I wasn’t able to look it up myself.

    Now I’m tired of these salons and I don’t even live where you are. The customer service is horrible they have a “listening” problem I see. The stylist also don’t seem to know what their talking about either half of the time. I’m curious to know do they need to have a license in your country?

    If you ever come to the US to visit me I will definitely take you to a salon or do your hair myself you deserve it after all the b/s you’ve been through.

    • M, pick and drop hair is the braids which are braided half way and then left out – like the extension hair is left out to run in spirals or straight hair.

      30K Shillings is about $17.76 – For the area, it is really expensive and I was so pissed off at how cavalier she was all about it you know what I mean? You know M, that is a good question about the licence because I don’t think they have to have a licence though I think it is crucial for them because then there are loads of stupid rogue black hair salon owners who do not know what the hell they are doing.

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