Why do some black hair salons *insist* on ripping you off?

The other day, my friend had a gorgeous weave done and I asked her how much she paid for the labour because I was keen to have a similar protective style down. She said she paid 20,000 shillings which is about 7 quid and she lives in the same area as me.

I got 7 cornrows done last week and I paid 10,000 when the stylist actually wanted to charge me 15,000. Now as you can see my friend got better value because after 5 days of even wearing a scarf, the cornrows looked ratty and frankly, they looked so bad.

So who got the better deal for money? I definitely did not which leads me to believe that the stylist was trying to rip me off. I was like really, is it really 15,000 shillings when I go to your salon virtually every fortnight for eyebrow plucking and cornrows? How unfair is it for them to just try and rip me off like that?

When will some black hair salons get the message that actually you need repeat business to sustain your endeavours and ripping them off is not cool?


4 thoughts on “Why do some black hair salons *insist* on ripping you off?

  1. Well I know a lot of salons like to charge more for styles like braids, especially if you have natural hair. They charge less for Eurocentric styles, I guess cause there is a demand for them. Is your friend relaxed or natural?

    • Hi Aisha, thanks for the comment. It’s weird – in Tanzania, there is no difference between charging more for European styles since there are black people here only for the most part. She’s relaxed. xx

      • Well by European I meant weaves and relaxers. Since that’s what most people want, I think they charge more competitively. Then for natural styles they overcharge. At least that’s how they do it here, so I though Tanzania might be the same.

        • Okay I see what you mean totally – thanks for explaining. I think that particular salon is a total rip off though that I visited.

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