Why Memphiz is right about moving out

It’s so inspiring to read her story about moving out that it has put a lot of things in perspective for me too. I have always wanted to move out of being at home and especially living at home in Tanzania rams a lot of things home but quite frankly, we are masters or mistresses of our own destiny.

Recently, I found out that my older sister is moving back from abroad and she is going to be coming back to the family home. It is nothing personal but I have reached the point where I no longer want to live at home because I want to be independent from my family and happy.

The amount of money that I need to move out is around £4,500 for rent ($7,194) and at the moment I have lots of things financially to save for, but I’ve saved about £25 for this end. I know I can reach this amount if I just focus, because I did manage to pay off that credit card.

One thing that I’ve found funny about being back in Tanzania is how people expect you to live at home until you are married. I have no boyfriend but quite frankly, I am over living at home. I want to be myself. I want to get home and watch TV whenever I want instead of having to babysit my mum’s visitors.

£4,475 left to go!

Do all of you live alone? How are you finding your plan to try and move out?


9 thoughts on “Why Memphiz is right about moving out

  1. I am right there with you Aulelia! I hope to move out sooner rather than later. Are you planning on going back to London, or are you remaining in Tanzania?

  2. Ahhh, my mum said the same thing – you go from your parents house to your husband’s house.

    I was like….uhhhhhhhhm, I think I’m alright ta.

    But I’m looking forward to watching you complete your goal! *thumbs up of solidarity*

  3. So happy that I’ve inspired you! You give me more motivation, I wont disappoint you. As far you moving your starting off on the right foot. The key is to save what you can at the moment and throughout increase what you can out towards your fund goal. Remember to add little goals as well also.

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