Trying to move on: A few things I have realised about feelings

It’s been 3 months since we last were in touch and I have to say, so much has happened since then. I am not healed yet but I am trying my best to move on. I don’t want this to be a woe is me type of post because I would not be able to handle reading it on someone else’s blog. It is more like a summary of things I have realised recently:

*I don’t ever want to see him in the flesh again. If I do, it will be too soon.
*That feeling of humiliation from his behaviour such as organising a party a few days before he broke up with me when he knew he was going to do it.
*I don’t think men and women have the same ideas about relationships.

All in all, my feelings towards him are mixed. I wish I had never met him ever in my life because I feel like all the pain and hurt he has caused me in the past few months was not worth even the good times we had because it has been romantic cardiac arrest for me.

No one is perfect but I am sick of these guys who just want a movie-star relationship full of sparks every day. Relationships have to be built and most importantly nurtured.

In the beginning, I felt so used and that was really difficult for me to understand. I hope I can move on beyond him but it is just so difficult.


6 thoughts on “Trying to move on: A few things I have realised about feelings

  1. Sorry to hear you are still hurting. The pain of a heartbreak can last WAY longer than the actual relationship. However, you will feel better one day. I am glad to see you are realizing your ex boyfriend’s flaws and not blaming yourself.

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  3. easier send than done, but i think you should go out, have fun, do something new and most importantly keep working on your business. he’ll get what he deserves which is nothing more than crap and you’ll stay fabulous. do yoga, mourn (although i don’t think he’s worth it) but give yourself a time frame/limit if you can. i.e. after being down for some many months, buy yourself a new outfit, go dancing and move on. you don’t need such foolishness in your life anyways. feel better.x

    • Anon, welcome to the blog and many thanks for commenting. I am trying so hard to move on, but some of your ideas are really good, so I am going to try them.

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