Taking a Leap of Faith “Update”

So for those of you interested in my relocation progress I’ll say I’m about 75% there. Everything is in place at this moment I have the apartment, I have things boxed and packed up, and I have a moving truck reserved. The only thing left is getting through these next two weeks and actually getting to my destination.

I know some people were interested in knowing where I’m relocating from and to. Well I’ll be moving from cold Ohio to to hot Atlanta, Ga. My reasoning for choosing to move to GA is because the media outlet market is so big there and there’s so much going on down there. I absolutely love the city and I love the fact that it has so many African Americans that’s about their business down there. I actually had 3 options the other two being Philadelphia, PA or Chicago, IL and I chose GA.

Right now my main focus is finding work and I’ve applied to so many jobs its like drinking water. I feel that once I’m actually down there I’ll have a better chance. Ideally I would like to find a job within a month and I am working hard and praying on it. I am confident enough that I will and I feel that the more positive I’m about it that’ll I’ll get positive results. Aulelia says I need to think like Oprah and visualize what I want and I think she is right I think that is one of the keys elements to staying positive.

Financially I’ll be on a tight budget untill I find work. I’ve actually been able to pay off a credit card which is such a big deal because that’s one less payment I have to make a month. As far as my moving fund goal I didn’t reach it I’m about $1500 short from the goal I wanted to hit.

Also the support I’ve been getting from friends and family has been so great. Everyone is behind me on this new journey of mine and has helped me out in every step of the way. I am very grateful. Some people still doubt me and think I’m crazy for moving without having a job but thats just motivation to prove them wrong.

I am so ready for my new journey. If anyone has any tips on moving and job search please comment and let me know.


One thought on “Taking a Leap of Faith “Update”

  1. I’m really proud yet jealous of you at the same time. Moving away from home is so important and it is something I also want to achieve.

    One tip I have for you would be are you making a list of your current expenses? Perhaps you can therefore look at what are some big expenses and see if you can cut back on non-necessities?

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