Are you achieving your goals? – A detailed look at a fashion case study

It sounds like mumbo-jumbo, and almost wishy-washy but visualising your goals is the best way to get what you want. I have pro

of that it works for me and sometimes it does not. In the past, I have set goals that I have not reached and it is very frustrating. However, this year, my credit card was paid back in full and that was one of my key goals that I delighted I achieved. What I want to know is – are you achieving your goals? Many people are scared to talk about their goals in the public domain because talking about your goals makes it less likely that they will come true. This is a fair point to a certain extent – what I am saying is you don’t have to say I will do x, y and z – but you can shed light on things you want to achieve.

Here is one case study I have prepared for you – I’d love to hear your thoughts:

[Case study 1: A new purse]

What was the aim? For months, I have been eyeing to get a coin purse and I had looked at many ones online from the likes of French brand Louis Vuitton and English cult favourite Aspinal of London. This week, I found the following coin purse below and I instantly fell in love with it. I showed friends, noting how I loved the blush-toned pink colour and how retro it was. I love accessories such as wallets and purses, and I have to say this one tickled my fancy. But did I really want it? Yes. Did I feel like I would use it every day? Yes. Would it store my coins and small bills? Definitely. The question was could I get this?


Result? I ordered this purse online yesterday! I was in between ordering it or buying new Vaseline lip therapy pots but I decided to get the purse because I have always wanted a coin purse, I love this model and I was visualising holding it in my hand and getting a lot of use from it every day. My friend L is coming to Tanzania for a few months so she will bring it with her for me – I am delighted at the prospect of finally having this purse!

How do you visualise reaching your goals?


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