Business Notes: Jumping head first into freezing cold calling campaigns

From a business viewpoint, this week has been frustrating and brutal. One of my clients that I executed work for has not paid an invoice for the past few weeks and it has seriously impacted my ability to function! I wish all clients would just pay on time. Nonetheless, while I am trying to get that payment sorted out, I have been swimming in ice-cold waters.

While I wish I had a galleon as big as Captain Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl to traverse the cold waters of cold-calling, sadly it is just me, my BlackBerry and a table! I have created a new vision goal list, and on that list is making 100 new cold calls on the telephone for my careers website. I made x 7 of them today to companies as I am trying to get more job adverts on my careers website.

Personalised cold emails sent this week: 100

Cold calls made on telephone: 8 in total (1 on Tuesday 11 Oct ’11, 7 today on 14 Oct ’11).

 Challenges of cold calling include the fact I am calling from abroad so I want the potential client to know that they can trust me without fail.

Things I am learning about cold-calling so far as this week has shown me:

  • You have to call several times! Of the x 7 companies I called today, around 8am, all the calls went unanswered. I was trying something new because I was reading sales blogs that advocated calling at 8am before the gatekeeper arrives. Virtually all calls went to voicemail but one of the voicemails for a HR officer stated her name which I did not know until I had called, so I want to work out her email address.
  • Calling several times means that I am now dividing my calls into attempts. Of the seven called today, 2 companies were on their second attempt from me because I did call before last month at a different time but got no response from the numbers.
  • Wearing smart clothes and high heels worked to get me in that power business bitch mode. I know it sounds so odd but I am wearing high heels with smart clothes so I can get into the mood of feeling like they *need* to hear from me.
  • Making phone calls standing up is critical to feeling like I am a woman on the go.

Eventually, I would love to be calling every single day because I have learned that cold-calling is like exercising, you have to do it every day to see results. If I have enough credit at any given time, I want to be doing cold-calls every day so I can built my business to a strong point where it is making the money I want it to make.

What do you all think? Let me know in the comments.


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