Is Beyoncé’s Heat perfume value for money?

I recently got Heat by Beyoncé – it is a fragrance I have always wanted to get because I heard that it smelt good so I thought why not and Beyoncé is flogging it, and as some of you know, I love what Beyoncé produces for the most part, except for a few ill-advised ventures. So what’s the verdict on Heat? I do think it is a good fragrance. It is fresh, spicy and sleek – the kind of fragrance that is sweet and feminine that you could wear to work and also during the evening – I wrote these thoughts on some review sites because I do think it’s a good basic fragrance. When I say basic, what I mean by that is I can actually imagine this perfume being a staple basic fragrance you can have in your perfume collection because while it is strong, it is not overpowering.

Heat is a creamy and sensual fragrance – just the kind of perfume that you wear to treat yourself on a night out with a new boyfriend, for example. Heat is also very price-conscious – I ordered it online for less than 30 quid for the 50mp eau de parfum. I would suggest getting the eau de parfum though as celebrity fragrances are notorious for seeming a bit diluted.

Because Heat is affordable, it makes me think that you probably do get what you pay for in that while it is good, it is not on the premium designer end. I think once I broaden my perfume collection some more, I will probably purchase it again but specifically for going out or if I have a dinner with a new boyfriend. I don’t know about the men but I do think this would attract men for sure.

All in all, it is a first-date/romantic nights out type of perfume that can cross over for work. I do think it is ideal if you are on a budget, which I am so I would suggest it for women who are counting pennies and pounds but also want to smell good. I do think it is good value for money and it has this more-ish quality to it where you want to keep smelling it more and more. Have any of you got any thoughts on it? Let me know!


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