What do you do when women give you dirty looks?

Coals, if you have not deserted me, I applaud you. Life here has been a searing journey of pain and stress but I am still here – hanging in there. Today, I was getting ready to head to the office to crack on with some key work and cold emailing some companies. I stopped by the local shopping centre near Mawasiliano Towers, this shopping centre is called Mlimani City and it has shops, cinemas and of course cash machines and loos. I went to the loo before taking out some cash just to check out my outfit it to make sure that I look okay.

It is currently this time of the month and I am literally drenched in paranoia that I am going to stain the whole world! As I walked into the ladies loos, there was another woman walking alongside her but as I was wearing my klick-klack shoes (my heels), grey cigarette-style trousers that were high-waisted and a sailor top, accented with a nude belt.

I was checking my butt in the mirror to make sure my trousers were not stained because when you are on your period, you do get worried and stressed like that. Next thing I know, the woman death-stared me literally through the mirrors and I could blatantly see her looking me up and down with that ”look at this girl and her tight trousers”.

Why do some women do this? Why can’t people just focus on themselves?


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